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Learn More About Our Chocolates

Take a moment to browse through our Q & A section to learn more about our what truly sets us apart from your average chocolate engravings.

Do you offer sugar free chocolate?

Yes we do. In fact, all of our milk and dark chocolate is not only sugar free, but made without eggs, gluten, wax and fillers. Our white chocolate does come with sugar, however.

Is your chocolate Celiac safe?

Absolutely! All of our chocolate is Celiac safe and Kosher dairy certified!

Do you charge for a set-up fee?

No. Unlike many other companies who will charge around $500 dollars per chocolate, we do not have a set-up fee. Not to mention, most companies will charge an additional $400 dollars for each change you have made to your order.

What sets our business apart?

No one engraves chocolate quite like we do. While most companies utilize a dye cast mold we created our own engraving machine for our chocolates. You truly get a unique product when you purchase custom chocolates from us. Best of all, changes can be easily made to your orders. We can engraved in uniform with our special equipment. If bought in a large quantity they all will be exactly the same.